About Me - David Sena

Hi, and welcome to my new photography site!  Thanks for stopping by!  This site will be evolving over time until I get it just right so be sure to check back regularly. 

I'm Dave, and I'm an amateur photographer from Bridgewater, Mass.  I have a passion for black and white photography, both digital and film.   Since early 2016 I've been creating images using intentional camera movement and multiple exposure techniques.  It started as a project dedicated to two friends who were celebrating the birth of their first daughter.  I was trying to express the emotional rollercoaster that parenthood can be.  A mix of beauty and chaos.  Since then, I've continued to try and expand that philosophy by create compelling and engaging images that express the unpredictable and often chaotic nature of life.  Most of my work is done in black and white, however occasionally an image just speaks to me in color.  I also like to take a break from my ME/ICM work and process traditional black and white images.  

My digital work is done with Fujifilm cameras, previously an xe1 and now an XT2.  My film work is done with a combination of an old Minolta and a more modern Canon camera.  I develop all of my film at home and scan into Lightroom.

(more to come)

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